Electric Forklift Truck CPD35


  1. AC system precise control, CAN bus technology multiple protection, sale and reliable. #Forklift Truck#
  2. Strong power, running, lifting and the climbing performance domestic leading. #Electric Forklift Truck#
  3. Overhead guard and body weilding monolithic structure, the overall strength more higher. #Electric Forklift Truck#
  4. HMI design of the steering wheel, switches, operating handle, etc. , improve the driving comfort. #Electric Forklift for sale#
  5. Small turning radius, good passing performance. #Forklift Truck#
  6. Mast drop cushioning and comfortable vehicle operation. #Electric Forklift Manufactuer#
  7. Intelligent deceleration turning design, improve the stability of the vehicle during traveling, to avoid tipping cargo. (Optional) #Forklift Truck#
  8. OPS (operating presence sensing) system, when the driver leaves the operating position, will cut off all operating functions, to avoid misuse potential safety problems; #Forklift Truck#
CPD35 Technical Parameters
Model CPD35
Load capacity/rated load kg 3500
Load center distance Q mm 500
Maximum lifting height H3 mm 3000
Mast tilt angle,front/rear  α/β 6°/12°
Max .Travel speed unladen km/h 14
Max .Travel speed laden km/h 13
Max . Lift speed unladen mm/s 340
Max . Lift speed laden mm/s 220
Max . gradability, unladen % 15
Max . gradability, laden % 15
Weight (without battery) kg 3895
Overall length ( No fork) L mm 2606
Overall length (Including fork) L1 mm 3735
Overall width B mm 1220
Overall height of overhead guard H4 mm 2250
Mast height, lowered H1 mm 2085
Mast height, lifted H2 mm 4225
Wheelbase Y mm 1690
Load distance center of drive axle to fork L2 500
Fork length mm 1070
Fork width mm 125
Fork height, lowered H5 mm 50
Fork outer size, min./max. mm 1110-250
Min.ground clearance H6 mm 110
Min. turning radius Wa mm 2355
Aisle width for lengthways 800*1200 mm 4445
1000*1200 mm 4560
Front tire mm  28*9-15 14PR,Inflatable tire
Rear tire mm 18*7-8, Solid tire
Drive motor(AC) kw 11
Lift motor(DC) kw 14
Battery Voltage V 72
Battery capacity AH 550
Battery Weight kg 1237