Electric Pallet Truck CBD20


  1. AC drive control precision, maintenance-free, safe and reliable.  #Electric Pallet Truck #
  2. High-performance hydraulic station, low noise, small vibration, high efficiency. #Electric Pallet Truck #
  3. HMI design of the control handle, easy for left and right hand operation, improve the driving comfort. #Electric Pallet Truck #
  4. Electronic steering systems, lightweight, low noise, more effort. #Electric Pallet Truck #
  5. Emergency reverse device, more safety. #Electric Pallet Truck #
  6. Electromagnetic, regenerative braking system. #Electric Pallet Truck #
Model CBD20
Load capacity/rated load 2000 kg
Load center distance c 600 mm
Overall length L1/L2 2267/1781 mm
Overall width b1 720 mm
Overall height L 1200 mm
wheelbase y 1392 mm
Height(to handle) h6 1450 mm
Fork height,lowered h13 85 mm
Max.lift height h3 205 mm
Min.ground clearance h1 35 mm
Forks outside width b2 685/540 mm
Forks inside width b4 220/365 mm
Fork width e 160 mm
Front tread b3 380/525 mm
Max.lift speed unladen 25 mm/s
Max.lift speed laden 20 mm/s
Max. Travel speed unladen 6 km/h
Max. Travel speed laden 6 km/h
Min. outside turning radius w 1600 mm
Max. gradability,laden 5 %
Max. gradability,unladen 10 %
Weight(unladen) 585 kg
Battery capacity 210 AH
Battery voltage 24 V
Aisle width for lengthways 1000*1200 tray 2340 mm
Aisle width for lengthways 800*1200 tray 2300 mm