Semi-electric Pallet Stacker CDSD10


  1. More reasonable structure design, easy operation, flexible steering. #Semi-electric Pallet Stacker#
  2. High quality steel to ensure excellent vehicle stability and strength. #Semi-electric Pallet Stacker#
  3. High-capacity battery, meet the vehicle work needs. #Semi-electric Pallet Stacker#
  4. Steering wheel protection and safety hood make your operation more assured.
  5. Mechanical brake mechanism make the vehicle in any case are able to achieve secure parking. #Semi-electric Pallet Stacker#
  6. Serialization mast (1600,2000,2500,3000,3500mm) and strong 1.6KW lifting motor meet customer cargo handling needs. #Semi-electric Pallet Stacker#
Model CDSD10
Load capacity/rated load 1000 kg
Load center distance c 450 mm
Overall length L1 1740 mm
Overall width b1 756 mm
wheelbase y 1197 mm
Height h6 2080 mm
Fork height,lowered h13 85 mm
Max.lift height h3 1600/2500/3000 mm
Min.ground clearance h1 30 mm
Forks outside width b2 330-640 mm
Forks dimension s/e/l 60/150/1100 mm
Front tread b10 648 mm
Rear tread b11 490 mm
Max.lift speed unladen 130 mm/s
Max.lift speed laden 90 mm/s
Max. falling speed unladen 70 mm/s
Max. falling speed laden 100 mm/s
Min. outside turning radius Wa 1350 mm
Battery capacity(3H discharge rate) 100 AH
Battery voltage 12 V
Power of lifting motor 2 kw
Weight(unladen) 315 kg
Aisle width for lengthways 1000*120 tray 2215 mm
Aisle width for lengthways 800*1200 tray 2180 m