Electric Forklift CPD30


1. AC system precise control, CAN bus technology multiple protection, sale and reliable.
2. Strong power, running, lifting and the climbing performance domestic leading.
3. Overhead guard and body weilding monolithic structure, the overall strength more higher.
4. HMI design of the steering wheel, switches, operating handle, etc. , improve the driving comfort.
5. Small turning radius, good passing performance.
6. Mast drop cushioning and comfortable vehicle operation.
7. Intelligent deceleration turning design, improve the stability of the vehicle during traveling, to avoid tipping cargo. (Optional)
8. OPS (operating presence sensing) system, when the driver leaves the operating position, will cut off all operating functions, to avoid misuse potential safety problems;

Model CPD30
Loadcapacity/rated load Q 3000 kg
Overalllength,withoutfork L’ 2470 mm
Overalllength,withfork L 3575 mm
Overallwidth W 1230 mm
Overallheightmastextended H1 2080 mm
Overallheightofoverhead guard H4 2200 mm
Overallheight whenlift H2 4145 mm
Min.groundclearance mas loweredunladen/laden H5 125 mm
Min.groundclearance unladen/ladencenterof wheelbase H7 105 mm
WheeltreadFront W3 1000 mm
Wheel treadrear W2 980 mm
Wheelbase L1 1620 mm
Loaddistancecenterof drive axletofork L2 475 mm
Liftheight H 2500/3000/6000 mm
Freeliftheight H3 140 mm
Masttiltangle,front/rear α/β 6/12 °
Max.liftspeed  unladen 370 mm/s
Max.liftspeed laden 250 mm/s
Max.travelspeedunladen 14 km/h
Max.travelspeedladen 13 km/h
Min.outsideturning radius R 2330 mm
Max.gradability,laden 15 %
Loadcenter radius C 500 mm
Weight(unladen) 4900 kg
Fronttire 28*9-15-14PR
Reartire 18*7-8-14PR
Drivemotor 12 KW
Liftmotor 12 KW
Battery 80/500 V/Ah
Typeofdrivecontrol FullAC system
Aislewidth for lengthways(1000*1000) Ast 4075 mm
Aislewidth for lengthways(1000*1200) Ast 4205 mm