Electric Pallet Truck CBD20H


  1. AC drive control precision, maintenance-free, safe and reliable.  #Electric Pallet Truck #
  2. High-performance hydraulic station, low noise, small vibration, high efficiency. #Electric Pallet Truck #
  3. HMI design of the control handle, easy for left and right hand operation, improve the driving comfort. #Electric Pallet Truck #
  4. Electronic steering systems, lightweight, low noise, more effort. #Electric Pallet Truck #
  5. Emergency reverse device, more safety. #Electric Pallet Truck #
  6. Electromagnetic, regenerative braking system. #Electric Pallet Truck #
Model CBD20H
Load capacity/rated load Q kg 2000
Load center distance C mm 600
Maximum lifting height H3 mm 205
Max .Travel speed unladen km/h 8
Max .Travel speed laden km/h 8
Max . Lift speed unladen mm/s 25
Max . Lift speed laden mm/s 20
Max . gradability, unladen % 15
Max . gradability, laden % 8
Weight (without battery) kg 440
Overall length L1 mm 2290
Overall width b1 mm 700
Wheelbase Y mm 1422
Fork length mm 1200/1150
Fork width mm 162
Fork height, lowered h3 mm 85
Min.ground clearance h1 mm 35
Min.outside turning radius Wa mm 1616
Aisle width for lengthways Asts mm 2050
Front wheel mm 80*70
Drive wheel mm 230*75
Caster wheel mm 120*60
Wheel material polyurethane
Drive motor(AC) kw 1.6
Lift motor(DC) kw 1.6
Battery Voltage V 24
Battery capacity AH 250
Battery Weight kg 204