Electric Pallet Stacker CPD15-W


1. AC drive control precision,maintenance-free, safe and reliable. #Electric Pallet Stacker#
2. High-performance hydraulic station, low noise, small vibration, high efficiency.
3. HMI design of the control handle, easy for left and right hand operation, improve the driving comfort. #Pallet Stacker#
4. Electronic steering systems, lightweight, low noise, more effort.
5. Emergency reverse device, more safety. #Pallet Stacker#
6. Electromagnetic, regenerative braking system.
7. High vehicle automatic deceleration function. #Pallet Stacker#
8. Two-way solenoid valve, which achieve three lowering speed model. #Electric Pallet Stacker#
9. Wide view mast, clear visibility. #Electric Pallet Stacker#

Model CPD15-W
Load capacity/rated load Q kg 1500
Load center distance C mm 500
Maximum lifting height H3 mm 3000
Mast tilt angle,front/rear S 3°/ 5°
Max. Travel speed unladen km/h 6
Max. Travel speed laden km/h 6
Max. Lift speed unladen mm/s 135
Max. Lift speed laden mm/s 120
Max. gradability, unladen % 8
Max. gradability, laden % 5
Weight (without battery) kg 1644
Weight (with battery) kg 1850
Overall length(No fork) L mm 2245
Overall length (Including fork) L2 mm 3320
Overall width b1 mm 1030
Overall height of overheadguard mm /
Mastheight,lowered H1 mm 2050
Mastheight,lifted H2 mm 3855
Wheelbase Y mm 1412
Forklength mm 1070
Forkwidth e mm 100
Forkheight, lowered S mm 40
AdjustablerangeofForkoutside overallwidth mm 200-740
Min. groundclearance m1 mm 52
Min.turningradius (without pedal) Wa mm 1650
Min.turningradius(withpedal) Wa1 mm 2145
Aislewidthforlengthways Ast mm 3250
Frontwheel mm ∅ 210*85
Drivewheel mm ∅ 230*75
Casterwheel mm ∅ 115*55
Wheelmaterial polyurethane
Drivemotor(AC) kw 1.5
Liftmotor(DC) kw 2.2
BatteryVoltage V 24
Battery capacity AH 210
BatteryWeight kg 233